10.12.2013: Outside of Independence Hall today. I was not permitted to enter. Neither was Benjamin Franklin, or John Adams, or George Washington… Do not blame your government for this. Your elected representatives are merely obeying the wills of their constituencies. 

No one regrets the closure of these national shrines more than the public servants in our National Parks. They are bound by law to respect their sacred civic bond, which at this time, sadly, requires them to enforce the closure. I can say, however, that my regret equals that of my friends in Independence National Historical Park.

Thank-you to J Nathan Bazzel, for making certain that this portrait was exactly as it should be. 

Thank-you, as always, to Kim Hanley (www.RememberingTheLadies.com), for crafting the clothing that I am wearing in this portrait. 

Steven Edenbo as Thomas Jefferson: www.YourThomasJefferson.com
Thomas Jefferson on Twitter: @thos_jefferson
Mr. Jefferson’s Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/YourThomasJefferson
Steven Edenbo as William Clark: www.MeetLewisandClark.com

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    Republicans even gave a way out of the shutdown before it happened.
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